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Goal For 2030

The foundation's goal for 2030 is to educate, empower, and mobilize 1 million children, young people, and women for sexual reproductive health rights and domestic violence advocacy in the world's most marginalized and rural communities especially in the developing world. 

We aim to lead the largest and fisrt-ever SRHR initiative in the MENA region through engaging goverments, civil society instituitons, internet & technology companies, private sector foundations, and academia for a prosperous, inclusive, and powerful healthcare initiatives in the marginalized and rural communities. 

Our Healthcare Initiatives


Youth For Women Foundation has been one of the very few institution in Iraq to advocate and lead SRHR initiaves and products for hundreds of rural women and girls. We have led a community-level educational initiative on sexual reproductive health rights, and have reached more than 20+ rural communities in the country with educating 500+ refugee and rural youth and women on their sexual health and reproductive rights and provided them with comprehensive peiod products and contraceptive services, empowered by partnerships with multiple leading national civil society instituitions. We have also initiated a similar community level project among the rural population of India and has educated more than 200+ women and adolescents on SRHR, GBV, and provided them with comprehensive SRHR services.


Youth For Women Foundation has been mobilzing local stakeholders in the countries that we are working on (currently; Iraq, India, and some Middle Eastern territories) to advocate and urge goverment officials to legislate concrete healthcare and SRHR policies that uphold their commitments to the health and rights of rural women and girls to include SRHR in the school curriculum and prioritize SRHR in Health Ministeries' budget planning by mobilizing and empoweing the civil society especially for marginalized communities.


Youth For Women Foundation is starting to build a global coalition for non-communicable diseases and SRHR with a special focus on marginalized and rural healthcare transformation through the meaningful engagement and contributions of the foundation's global partners and stakeholders including youth networks and leadership.


Government Officials

“Youth For Women Foundation have an important role in tackling barriers to reproductive health and rights in rural and remote communities of Iraq”

Dr. Abdel Aziz

- Medical Surgeon, Iraq

National Stakeholders

“Youth For Women Foundation has been critical to supporting and growing our organization with sexual reproductive health initiatives in rural India. And our community is grateful for it”

Ms. Jashodhara Dasgupta

- Board Chair, Sahayog India

Rural Beneficiaries

“Me and my family have never heard of sexual health and rights before due to the dominant stigma in my community. But now after this training (Rural SRHR Educational Initiative) I realized that many of our families have been exposed to Female Genital Mutation while  being deprived of basic family planning services for our entire lives”

Amina Harar

- A woman residing in rural Iraq


A Community Research Initiaitive on SRHR Awareness and Contraceptive services availability in Rural Communities

Due Date: December 2022
Target Locations: 5+ Communities of Rural Iraq

Meeting with Decision Makers for SRHR Policy Legislation Reforms

Due Date: December 2022
Target Locations: Iraq and India

Global SRHR Coalition for rural and Marginalized Communities

Kick-off Date: September 2024
Stakehoders Involved: Goverments, Civil Society, Internet & Technology Companies, Private Sector Foundations, and Academia.