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Advocacy moments

Youth For Women Foundation has been a global advocate for gender justice, SRHR, LGBTQ+ rights, and the eradication of all forms of GVB for a 4 years now. We have reached over 5000+ women and youth in the most marginalized communities and have provided them with life changing educational and advocacy oppotunities along with multiple SRHR service delivery projects. Below are some examples of our advocacy efforts.

GBV Research Initiative in Northern Iraq

We have carried out a community level research that targeted 1200+ girls and wome in 750+ households, where we assessed their awareness on the domestic violence policy, the national GBV hotline, and whether they would report abuse from their male relatives. We have found that more than 90% would not report an abuse case, and 83% were not familiar of the national domestic violence policy especially the hotline service. We also assesses the need for our next community level advocacy project and the results were absolutely demanding a change.

Advocacacy for the domestic violence policy at the national level

Gender-based violence is a widespread catastrophic gender inequality in Iraq that has led to the murder of 14,000 women since 2003 (UNFPA). Barriers as traditional beliefs, lack of community education, and the limited protection of victims have led to 46% of girls and women experiencing violence by family members (UNFPA). Yet significant gaps exist in the enforcement, endorsement, and awareness of the domestic violence policy across the region but mostly in marginalized and rural communities due to lack of resources. Therefore Youth For Women Foundation with support of Women Deliver initiated a campaign that aims to track the implementation of the policy through recruiting young people, marginalized women, religious leaders, decision makers, and national stakeholders as primary advocates for the policy enforcement and awareness. Our goal is to increase the govermental budget for the policy implementation in the rural areas on the by 5% in Iraq by 2022.

More data will be available soon.

Multi-Day Workshops for Adolescents

Youth For Women Foundation has conducted multiple worksops for more than a thousand adolescent girls and boys on various gender justice and digital literacy issues ranging from gender equality, Gender-Based Violence, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Female Genital Mutilation, Teenage Pregnancy, Forced Marriage, and digital rights and literacy objectives. 


'My name is Amira (noun covered) and I am a 45 years-old domestic violence survivor. I was married to a man by arranged marriage at the age of 17, I was forced to drop out of school and I thought maybe life can get better after I get married especially that my family had extremely bad financial situation. I was beaten in the first night of the wedding, and was verbally abused every single day since. I had 3 children from him and we were all financially dependent on him, who was extremely strict. I was getting beaten up and verbally abused each time I asked him to buy milk or diapers for our children, or when I asked him to take me to a hospital while I was dying of diseases. I used to cry and beg him to forgive me for things I never done, he used to humiliate me and our kids in front of people, and used to physicaly and verbally abuse me while our kids were watching fearfuly. I still live with him because I have no other way considering my financial status. But I keep hoping everyday for a change.'