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The world's leading advocate for gender equality, healthcare, and digital inclusion in marginalized and rural communities.



Youth For Women Foundation is an international civil society organization, headquartered in Gif-sur-Yvette, France, whose mission focuses on empowering youth and women in the advocacy for national sexual reproductive health rights, and gender-based violence policies, fostering digital healthcare and literacy initiatives, and bridging the digital geographic and gender divide in rural and marginalized communities of developing countries.

The foundation passsionately mobilizes and provides youth, policy makers, and community leaders with the skills and resources necessary to champion human rights and gender equality policies, and work for an inclusive and accessible internet and digital health initiatives through advocay, education, research, and community mobilization.

Our goal is to drive the feminist and digital healthcare empowerment of a hundred thousand youth and women worldwide especially in rural communities by 2030. We work closely with leading international institutions to accelerate our impact on the national and global levels

Our Mission

Youth For Women Foundation has successfuly led a National Advocacy Campaign on Domestic Violence, that mobilized stakeholders for enacting a sustainable policy change for thousands of rural women and girls natiownide though advocacy programs for youth, a training conference for religious leaders, dialogues with goverment representatives, partnerships with local civil society actors, and educational campaigns for hundreds of rural women on the GBV policy in the country read more.

Healthcare Advocacy & Initiatives

Youth For Women Foundation has been a leading champion in fostering healthcare services and initiatives especially digital health, sexual and reproductive health rights, and Gender-based violence services for marginalized and rural communities. The foundation is working to partner with global institutions and UN Agencies to build the largest Digital Health partnership for the rural world, driving life changing regional and global movements towards Digital Health, GBV, and SRHR services for the vulnerable women and girls in rural Iraq, India, and other territories our teams based in read more.

Digital Literacy and Internet Access

Youth For Women Foundation has partnered with the International Republican Institute to execute a community-level project on resilience to disinformation on the Covid-19 infodemic and prior to the Iraqi National Elections, through initiating an advocacy program for 75 youth, and 15 virtual awareness campaigns targeting a thousands of marginalized youth and women. The Foundation is also partenring with global tech institutions like Microsoft and the Internet Society to strengthen national-level digital and media literacy programs, and provide affordable broadband access to isolated and remote societies with no community network read more.

Our Team

Nojus Saad

President & Chief Executive Officer

Nojus Saad (he/him) is the president & CEO of Youth For Women Foundation, who specializes in making corporate decisions, managing overall operations and resources of the organization, overseeing implementation of advocacy strategies, and maintaining communication with key stakeholders.     Nojus is the Vice Chair of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) at the World Health Organization read more.

Our Board Of Directors

Parina Patel

Parina (She/Her) is a finance professional, with over 10 years of experience in public and private industry sectors. She holds a CPA licensure and her work has spanned across a variety of organizations, including early stage startups to publicly traded corporations Read More.

Francoise (she/her) is a mother of 4 kids from 3 to 14 years old and she has an experience of more than 10 years breastfeeding. As an academic background, she holds a first degree in life sciences as well as a Bachelor in computational linguistics and a MASTER in communication and new technologies. She started working in digital (machine translation, text mining, natural language search engines) for 10 years and then worked within Danone com during 15 years read more.

Our Team Members

Human Resources Professional

Courtney (She/Her) is an HR expert with over 10 years expertise in Human Resource Management, Courtney is passionate about her work and committed to inspiring those around her to be their best. Having gained significant experience in multiple industries. Courtney  is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Business Analysis Read More.

Executive Secretary

Arsha (she/her), Passionate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion professional with 7+years related experience in organizational development and training and supervision of staff. A graduate from Columbia University with an MPH in Health Policy and Management and have an healthcare innovation certificate from MIT-Harvard read more.

Legal Professional

Rachel (she/her), is a graduate from Lille Catholic University in international and European Law and Political science. She loves winter sports, writing on human rights issues, and wants to dedicate her career to human rights advocacy read more.

Malley Montana

Malley (she/her) is a humanitarian aid professional with over 10 years of experience working within diverse environments. She holds a MPA from SDA Bocconi School of Management and a BS in Psychology from Oregon State University read more.


National Project Manager

Jihan (she/her) based in Iraq, is passionate about Gender equality and Women protection and empowerment field, She has more than 9 years experience in working with international NGOs with focusing on child & Women psychosocial support and capacity building in Gender based violence read more.

Legal Assisstant

Nasa (She/Her) is a dedicated legal assisstant who is a recent graduate with a master’s degree in International Studies from The CUNY Graduate Center. She also holds a undergraduate degree in International Relations and Anthropology Read More.

Testimonials From Our Young Champions


“Me and my family have never heard of anything called Climate Change before. But now after this training (Rural Climate Education Initiative) I realized that my community is the most at risk to the upcomng natural disasters and nobody is doing anything about it"


"I grew up with very limited knowledge of software and technology but the digital literacy program of Youth For Women has enabled me to meaningfully leverage this technology".


"Youth For Women has given me the opportunity to stand up for inequalities and challenge the status que through advocacy and the incredible training sessions that I have participated in so far".


"My mom was constantly getting abused by my dad and I never had the courage to stand up to him until Youth For Women taught me that Gender based violence should not be tolerated".

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