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Nojus Saad

President & Chief Executive Officer




Nojus Saad (he/him) is a multidisciplinary award-winning president & Chief Executive Officer who specializes in making major corporate decisions, leading a high-level international Board of Directors, developing key operational initiatives to drive and maintain substantial institutional growth, managing the overall operations and resources of the organization, overseeing the implementation of advocacy strategies, and maintaining communication with key national and international stakeholders.

Nojus is the Vice Chair of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) at the World Health Organization (WHO), where he represents the institution in high-level global dialogues with world leaders to advocate for the healthcare inclusion of women, children, and adolescents. He represented PMNCH at the WHO's 10th Global Conference on Health Promotion, in which he championed global health leaders for the digital health inclusion of rural and marginalized communities. 
At PMNCH, Nojus specializes in providing overall strategic direction, establishing communication mechanisms to disseminate information to constituents and partner organizations, and recently led PMNCH's global Media Campaign on Adolescents Health and Well-being that has impacted hundrends of underserved adolescents and youth.

Nojus is a civil society leader and youth advistor to the Swedish Institue, where he is trained by the Swedish gov and national embassy to strengthen civil society and youth organizations for accelerating progress towards SDG16. He is also a mental health expert at Orygen, where he champions Australian national mental health agencies to increase investments in srronger and responsive mental and dogital health initiatives for rural youth and women's well-being in marginalized communities.

Nojus has worked with the United Nations, the secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and the Internet Society as an ambassador for the United Nations global IGF, as he has years of research experience in internet and technology governance and policy issues and has a track record of fostering the digital health and rights of women and children, bridging the digital gender and geographic divide, and strengthening digital literacy initiatives among marginalized populations at the regional and international levels.
He was personally invited by the Government of Poland and the United Nations to represent high-level stakeholders including the Internet Society and the IGF Secretariat at the 15th and 16th annual UN Internet Governance Forum on various policy dialogues with world leaders. 

Nojus is a senior policy fellow at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, and a former ambassador for the German Informatics Society to European policy makers, in which he advocated for digital health and inclusion of women and young people in European legislative processes. He has also been working with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as a regional ambassador, and is advocating for successful and meaningful youth engagement in digital cooperation, offering strategic guidelines to the ITU on the implementation of the ITU Youth Strategy.

He is a gender equality activist at Women Deliver as well, as he has advocated for the integration of rural youth and women and prioritization of their health and human rights with decision makers and international civil society stakeholders, including at the Women Deliver conference which is the world’s largest conference on gender equality. He is also a recognized LGBTQ+ activist with ILGA world and is fighting for the rights of marginalized communities in developing countries, and has lead a nationwide campaign to urge the government to increase funding for the domestic violence policy implementation for thousands of women and girls in rural communities across Iraq.

Nojus has extensive experience in the business industry as well, as he has been working with local companies as an HR Manager and has comprehensive HR and policy analysis expertise in areas of researching, writing, and editing detailed operating procedures, running the HR department of multinational companies, and recruiting, training, and ensuring the professional growth of employees.

He is the Diana Award recipient, and a student leader at the Clinton Global Initiative University and Howard University, and is currently pursuing the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in an accredited Medical University,

His experiences in the industries of digital healthcare, gender equality, and internet governance are key to his ongoing success as the president & chief executive of Youth For Women Foundation.