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Nojus Saad

President & Chief Executive Officer




Nojus Saad is a multi award-winning social entrepreneur with 7+ years of community research, capacity-building, and advocacy expertise in digital healthcare, gender justice and healthcare entrepreneurship. He has directly served 5600+ youth and women in 59 rural, refugee, and marginalized societies of Iraq, India and France.

As a multidisciplinary President & Chief Executive Officer at Youth For Women Foundation, Nojus specializes in making major corporate decisions, developing key operational initiatives to drive and maintain institutional growth, overseeing the implementation of social enterprises, and maintaining communication with key national and international stakeholders.

Nojus is the Vice Chair of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) at the World Health Organization (WHO), where he specializes in providing overall strategic direction on the Youth Strategy, establishing communication technologies for constituencies and partner organizations, and managing WHO's global media campaigns on Adolescent Health and Well-being. He represented PMNCH at the WHO's 10th Global Conference on Health Promotion, the 67th UN Commission on Status of Women, the 24th International Aids Conference, and the 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science.

Nojus is currently an Expert Adviser on Locally-led Development at Bond UK, where he consults the UK Government’s International Aid Sector on investments around rural research and digital healthcare infrastructure development in the Global South countries. He is also the Vice Chair of the Youth Leadership Council at the Global Fund for Children (GFC), where he Advises the GFC on their global development & innovation strategy, budget allocation, and innovating digital health technologies for the health and well-being of young people worldwide.

As a Digital health entrepreneur and policy advocate, Nojus has worked with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Internet Society as an international ambassador for the UN global Internet Governance Forum. He has 5+ years of intensive social entrepreneurial experience in the internet and technology governance and digital inclusion initiatives; innovating technology for UHC and strengthening digital literacy among the most marginalized youth and women.

He was invited by the United Nations and the Government of Poland to represent stakeholders at the 15th and 16th annual UN Internet Governance Forums.

Saad also served as a Senior Digital Policy Fellow at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)’s 77th Policy Forum in Washington, D.C and 73rd Community Forum in Puerto Rico, United States. In which, he contributed to developing and reforming global technical policies of the Internet’s DNS ecosystem for a healthier, more inclusive and interconnected Internet for all.

Nojus is an entrepreneur by heart, with extensive expertise in the business industry; since he has mastered project management, HR, and entrepreneurial skills through his CEO responsibilities and his previous apprenticeships with local companies.

Nojus is the former Kofi Annan ChangeMaker, One Young World Ambassador of Reckitt Benckiser plc, regional ambassador of the ITU Agency, Diana Award Judge, and a gender equality champion at Women Deliver. He was a recognized LGBTQIA+ Rights Scholar at 30th ILGA World Conference in Los Angeles, and is a passionate fighter for the human rights and Digital health inclusion of all vulnerable monitories all over the world. He is currently a Dalai Lama Fellow at University of Virginia and a certified Medical Doctor.

His expertise in the industries of healthcare, business, and digital transformation are key to his immeasurable impacts as the youngest president of the France-based INGO, Youth For Women Foundation